Derek Simpson

I’m Derek Simpson and I help business owners achieve their dreams. A lot of businesses succeed or fail based on the value of their trademarks. They work hard so that their mark means something — excellent quality, dependability, or cutting-edge performance.

A business has succeeded when their customers make a connection between the business’s mark and some excellent quality about the business’s products or services.

All that work to achieve the connection would be wasted, if the business had to stop using the mark
and pick another.This is why securing the rights in the mark by obtaining a federal registration is critical.

Working hard to build value in a mark without a registration is like building your home on land to which you don’t own clean title.

After putting in years of hard work, a business owner could be forced to abandon the mark they’ve been building up.

What We Do?

derek simpson

This is what Derek Simpson work to prevent by prosecuting trademark applications on behalf of my clients, obtaining registrations, and fending off infringers.

I go to bat for my clients in dealings with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and with third parties using similar marks. I use my expertise in trademark law so that my clients can be assured that they’re building their brand on solid legal ground.

I have practiced law in California for 18 years. During that time, I have represented clients in litigation, at trial, and on appeal in a broad range of matters: construction, product liability, commercial disputes, and general civil litigation. And I review contracts and provide contract-drafting services for clients in diverse industries.